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Nurse Application Form

This is the nursing application form that individuals wanting to apply to work as a nurse on my package must fill out.

Click on the “application form” image to download the nurse’s application form.

This then needs to be filled in and attached to the website-based application form when you send it.

Sexuality Guidance and Standards

Click on the image to the left (or above on some mobile devices) to view and download a copy of the “Talking about sex, sexuality and relationships: Guidance and Standards” third edition, a Royal College of Nursing endorsed guidance for health and social care professionals working with young people and young adults with life-limiting conditions and disabilities, specifically in respect of supporting these young people with their sexuality, sex, intimacy, relationships and related needs and issues. It sets guidance for supporting these young people, duties and responsibilities, lays out the law around supporting the young people with sex, intimacy etc., and has some case studies to help explain the law and bring it to life.

I am part of the Open University Sexuality Alliance who have produced all three editions of the Guidance and Standards.

Difficult Conversations with Young Adults

It aims to support professionals to improve quality of life and provide peace of mind for young people and their families, by sharing insights from young people themselves and their families about discussing the end of life. The guide describes feelings they experience when having conversations on this sensitive subject and gives ideas about how to approach it. It also aims to be a useful prompt that young people can use to broach the subject of end of life planning with family, friends and professionals.

Click on the image to open the resource.