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Nurses Needed – #CouldYouBeMyNurse?

Nurses Needed – #CouldYouBeMyNurse?

I am now seeking applications for the role of nurse on my package, to provide for all my medical needs on a daily basis, worked in shifts.

This is a brief summary, please see the more detailed “Nursing” page which can be accessed in the menu or via clicking here.

The Role:

I rely on 24 hour care from specially trained nurses as well as from carers (PAs) who are competent in managing my needs, for which training is provided.

I am currently seeking nurses to work on my package to manage my medical needs, enabling me to live at home and to live life fully, and staying as well as possible. I need nurses who are NMC-registered, can be adult or child trained, have been qualified at least 1 year, who are comfortable working one-to-one in the community with a patient with complex medical needs, who are happy to work in partnership with me (the patient) as your legal employer, and who are happy to be trained in all the skills and competencies required to meet my needs, outlined below – an extensive package of training is provided for this role.

Don’t be put off by my needs, nurses that have worked with me have all said how different this package is than what it appears written down. My needs are complex and training provided will enable you to meet those needs, but aside from that, it’s very relaxed, fun, we like to laugh a lot, there’s lots of down-time during the shift in-between meeting my needs (some of my agency staff have spent the down-time on shift doing research, coursework and so on for courses they are undertaking, another person crochets during her shifts) and you’ll be enabling me to live my life to the fullest – including coming with me to conferences, events and meetings, walking my Assistance Dog Molly, and enjoying days out. One of my nurses from the agency who’ve provided my care up to now described it as “Like coming home”. They also enjoy providing continuity of care, using specialist skills, and the relationship they’re able to build with me and they enjoy supporting me to live my life and do what I want to do, they can directly see the impact they are having. The other thing nurses have said is that they feel more relaxed since I am so competent, knowledgeable and on-the-ball, so if they’re unsure about anything they can always ask me or run things past me.


As part of this role you will have a number of duties relating to my health, wellbeing and other needs of which there are quite a few. These duties are set out in my care plan and are agreed amongst my multidisciplinary team of professionals and the CCG who fund my care. Training is provided in the procedures and skills necessary to meet my needs (see the “nursing” page for more comprehensive information – click here).

Duties will include:

  • Administration of Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) via the Hickman Line;
  • Administration of various intravenous medications both bolus and infusions via the Hickman Line;
  • Administration of intravenous fluids via the Hickman Line;
  • Administration intravenous antibiotics, also via the Hickman Line, as needed;
  • Taking blood for tests and/or cultures from the Hickman Line as needed;
  • Stoma care, for both an Ileostomy and Urostomy, including emptying bags and changing them, as well as catheterising the Ileostomy stoma during obstructive episodes;
  • PEG/Gastrostomy care, including emptying and changing the drainage bag and changing the dressings over the site (nothing is administered via the PEG, it is purely for drainage);
  • Administration of nebulisers once or twice a day – more when needed;
  • Support with coughing up secretions using a Lung Volume Recruitment Device when needed;
  • Changing dressings including Hickman Line under strict aseptic conditions, PEG dressing and dressing of any other wounds or pressure areas as Lucy can suffer skin breakdown;
  • Changing the Fentanyl patch and supporting with other medication as needed;
  • Pressure area checks;
  • Assessing and monitoring Lucy’s overall health and well-being, her lines and tubes for signs of infection, monitoring input and output of fluid, symptom control, condition progression, signs of sepsis (to which Lucy is particularly prone) and making clinical judgements as to course of action, such as contacting relevant professionals with Lucy’s consent;
  • Hoisting to transfer into and out of wheelchair/bed;
  • Supporting with postural and positioning needs/management;
  • Perform and support with personal care: washing, dressing, oral hygiene etc.;
  • Provide psychological and emotional support within your role;
  • To support Lucy with care planning including advance care/end of life planning;
  • Keep accurate medical records;
  • Cleaning – keep the bedroom, bathroom and equipment clean to help reduce risk of infection;
  • Support to go out and access the community and fulfil work and social commitments;
  • Advocate on behalf of Lucy if Lucy is too poorly to do this for herself (but otherwise allow Lucy to advocate for herself, never withholding Lucy’s autonomy);
  • Working collaboratively with Lucy’s other professionals, including the hospice, palliative care clinical nurse specialist, palliative medicine consultant, district nurses, physiotherapist, consultants and specialist nurses;
  • Support with inducting other staff members when new individuals join the team.

Skills You Will Use and Develop:

(training will be provided)

  • Aseptic technique (full asepsis, we do not use aseptic non-touch/ANTT)
  • Central line care and management
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
  • Administration of intravenous fluids and medications (including antibiotics) via central line (which includes mixing and preparing of drugs for administration)
  • Taking bloods from a central line
  • PEG/Gastrostomy care
  • Stoma care (Ileostomy and Urostomy, including stomas catheterisation during obstructive episodes)
  • Nebulisers and respiratory care
  • Palliative care
  • Symptom management
  • Monitoring and assessing
  • Dressings and wounds
  • Pressure care
  • Moving and handling, including postural care and positioning
  • Clinical judgement
  • Psychosocial support
  • Advocacy


Extensive training will be undertaken prior to becoming part of the team and also following joining the team, to ensure nurses are competent to meet my needs, and support with continuing professional development will be given where possible. For more information, go to the “nursing” page – click here.


07.00 – 15.00 

15.00 – 23.00

Some days the hours may be different and the shifts split differently due to my work and other commitments.

On some days the shift may be 14 or even 16 hours to be worked depending on need, where possible the shift will be kept shorter but if at an event it may be a long shift.

Pay Rates:


7am – 7pm:  £26.50 per hour

7pm – 7am:  £27.50 per hour


£28.00 per hour


£30.00 per hour

Bank Holidays

£35.00 per hour

About Me:

I am 26 years old and have a rare life-limiting illness and complex medical needs. I live at home with my mother and Assistance Dog in Thundersley (Benfleet) in Essex. I live a full, busy and active life, although I spend a lot of time in bed on a general day I am working most of the time and have a variety of meetings, events, conferences and other activities which occur multiple times a week. I have a job, working for various charities, organisations and individuals on a long-term basis and for time-limited projects or pieces of work in a self-employed capacity, including admin, comms, social media management/marketing, staff training, youth work and consultancy, as well as paid speaking engagements; all of this work is how I earn my living. I also have a vast array of voluntary and other commitments, including charity roles, project management, sitting on committees, media work, co-leading research, running patient and young people’s groups, and more. I enjoy walking my Assistance Dog, that is my ‘down time’ so we’re out in all weathers. I also enjoy mentoring and supporting others. I spend most of my days working as my life revolves around my work, I like to (need to) to keep busy, that’s how I cope – I often joke that I don’t have time to be ill. I enjoy photography, making videos, writing, listening to music, watching documentaries and spending time with friends and family. For more about me – click here.

So, #CouldYouBeMyNurse?

Please read the more detailed information on the ‘nursing’ page before applying for the role. It has more information about the role, responsibilities, expectations and duties, detailed information about the training that is provided as part of the role, the logistics of the package and other information. 

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