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Bank Care Workers (PAs)

Bank Care Workers (PAs)

Care workers (PAs) wanted for bank carer roles. Employed via zero hours contracts, the roles will involve no guaranteed shifts but PAs would pick up shifts as and when gaps arose in the rota and to meet my needs, and the PAs own availability.

The Nighttime Role:

I have night PAs 7 nights per week working from 11pm-7am, £10 per hour weeknights, £14 per hour weekends and £20 per hour bank holidays. They are awake nights, meaning PAs must stay awake all night throughout the shift. You must also always be able to hear me if I call out because I need something (i.e. don’t put headphones/earphones in both ears as you won’t be able to hear me).

Shifts Duties:

  • Emptying stoma bags – Urostomy (Ileal Conduit) night bag regularly throughout the night (every 1.5 – 2 hours), and the Ileostomy as needed
  • Emptying the PEG drainage bag as needed
  • Pouring a drink for me if needed
  • Passing me items I need
  • Waking my mum up if the TPN or Hartmann’s pump alarms so she can resolve it
  • Checking on me through the night (without waking me up) to check I am okay and everything is as it should be


The Daytime Role:

I have a full and active life and am at meetings and events round the country every week, and I require some bank daytime staff who I can call on to take me to events alongside my nurse so that my mum isn’t having to do it. Flexibility is vital and shifts are not guaranteed nor are they set hours, it’d be a case of sending dates through ahead of time, seeing if any of my team, and who of my team, would be able to cover the event.

The daytime PA must be able to drive, have a clean license and be prepared to drive my Peugeot Boxer Van which is a wheelchair accessible vehicle (and is 8.8 feet high, 8.5 feet wide, 19.6 feet long – so not small).


  • Supporting the nurse to get me up, dressed, hoisted into my wheelchair and ready to go
  • Loading me into the van and restraining (tying down) my chair in the car
  • Driving the van to and from the event, parking etc.
  • Releasing the wheelchair restraints and unloading me from the car
  • Supporting us at the event if needed
  • Loading me back into the van and tying my wheelchair down
  • Driving us home
  • Taking off wheelchair restraints, unloading me from the car
  • Hoisting me back into bed, getting me undressed and into pyjamas
Interested? Head over to the Care Workers page for more information.
Please read that page before applying.

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